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Custom/Stock Door Limited Warranty

Handling, Finishing, and Installation Instructions

All unfinished custom doors must be finished/sealed on all six sides within three (3) days of delivery or the limited warranty becomes void.

Entrance doors shall always be stored on edge, supported vertically (not leaning). Interior doors must be stored flat, in a clean, dry environment.
Doors shall not be exposed to excessive heat, dryness, humidity, or direct sunlight prior to finishing.
Handle door with clean gloves and do not drag doors across each other or other surfaces.
Deliver doors to the jobsite after plaster is dry. If doors are stored on the jobsite for more than one week, all edges must be sealed.
All hardware locations, preparations, and methods of installation must be appropriate for the specific door.
All doors 7' and under must have 3 hinges. Doors over 7' must have 4 hinges.
Prior to finishing, remove all handling marks with 150 grit or finer sandpaper and remove all sanding dust.
Apply sealer, primer, or first coat of required finish immediately after fitting, cutting for hardware, weatherstripping, etc. and before the installation of hardware or hanging the door.
All exposed surfaces of the door must be sealed, including the top, bottom, side edges, and the hardware cutouts.
Use only oil-based stains, sealers, or primers on the door. If water-based paint is to be used, it must be applied over an oil-based primer. (Note of Caution: An interior grade lacquer is NOT a satisfactory product for exterior use.)
All exterior surfaces, including the top, bottom, and sides of the door must be finish coated with a good quality exterior grade paint or varnish. At least three (3) coats of exterior grade varnish with a UV Inhibitor must be applied.
In order not to induce warpage or excessive deterioration of your door, avoid using dark stains or paints on the door surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.
Most finishes on exterior doors deteriorate relatively quickly. To insure exterior doors receive the protection required, inspect the condition of exterior finish at least once a year and refinish as often as needed to maintain the protective stability of the finish.

There are no warranties that extend beyond the preceding.Doors by Design MS LLC shall not be liable for consequential, indirect, or incidental damages or for any amount in excess of the manufacturer's price for the shipment involved, whether the claim is for breach of warranty or negligence.

Since these doors are shipped to you unsealed and unfinished, we cannot warranty against the natural characteristics of the wood which may occur in the various conditions encountered from our plant to your finished opening. Because the wood can respond in different ways to the variety of atmospheric and environmental conditions, it is imperative that special attention is given to the door and the necessary care and effort taken to protect the door in the unfinished state to minimize the potential for problems.

Insulated Glass Limited Warranty

Doors by Design MS LLC warrants our insulated glass for a period of five (5) years from the date of manufacture of the insulated glass panel, against permanent failure of the hermetic seal, directly attributed to defective manufacturing, when such failure results in permanent obstruction of vision through the panel.

This warranty does not apply if the failure of the seal is caused by an Act of God, damage as a result of exposure to corrosive fumes or condensates, damage resulting from excessive stress from movement of the structure, glass distortion or breakage, mishandling or improper installation or by any other cause whatsoever not within our exclusive control, and shall not apply unless the failure occurs and claim is delivered to us within the five (5) years after the date of manufacture of the insulated glass panel.

Under the terms of this warranty, our obligation is to replace the defective glass, F.O.B. dealer's warehouse from which the original sales was made. No labor, installation and/or consequential damages are included.

For a period of five (5) years after manufacturing, a replacement insulated glass panel shall be furnished, for excessive fogging problems only. The company may, at its option, refund the purchase price of defective panels in lieu of furnishing a replacement. No other express warranty is made by Doors by Design MS LLC

We can require that an inspection be made by one of our employees prior to adjustment or replacement.

Shipping Instructions for Custom Doors -
All unfinished custom doors must be finished/sealed on all six sides within three (3) days of delivery or the limited warranty becomes void.

The Custom Door Limited Warranty does not cover exposure to the elements before the door has been installed and finished. It is the clients responsibility to ensure proper storage of the door after it has been delivered.

All custom doors must be inspected before they are signed for by recipient. It is the responsibility of the recipient to inspect the door for damage before it is signed for. Although damage during shipping is rare, if it appears that the crate has been damaged we advise that you open the crate and inspect the door on the truck. We insure our doors for shipping to help cover incidental costs associated with transporting such a large product. If the door has been damaged beyond the ability to repair on site the recipient should then
1) refuse shipment
2) note any and all damage to the door with the delivery company so that the issues can be addressed by Doors by Design MS LLC.
Photographic records are the best way to help expidite any and all shipping claims.

If damage has occurred durring shipping and the proper steps have been taken to note this damage we will then procede with the following steps:

We will assess the level of damage
Can the door be repaired?
Does the door need to be replaced?
If the door can be repaired Doors by Design MS LLC will reimburse you for the cost of repair upon proof of damage and repair reciept(s).
If extensive damage has occurred and the door must be replaced DO NOT ACCEPT SHIPMENT AND LEAVE THE ITEM ON THE TRUCK.
Contact Doors by Design MS LLC immediately.
Once the door has been refused we will then proceed to investigate the matter with the shipping company to resolve the issue.
A replacement door will be put into production immediately upon return of the door to Doors by Design MS LLC.
If Doors by Design MS LLC determines that the returned door could have been repaired on site, rather than needing replacment, the client will be repsonsible for all shipping charges associated with the repairs.
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